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Jimmy Kim practices patent preparation and prosecution in the fields of chemical engineering, electronics and telecommunications. Jimmy has specific experience in the following areas:

Chemical: Separation technology via various adsorbtion/absorption methods (e.g., CO2 separation, olefin/paraffin separation), specialized reactors and novel separation agents/compounds, solar grade Silicon purification, production (including production from Silicon powders) and processing, recycling of by-products from Silicon production, substrate technology (e.g., laser diodes, signal processing, MEMS, thin films), direct carbon fuel cell technology, liquid anode technology, underwater sampling, semiconductor processing (e.g., formation of transistors, etching, etc.).

Telecommunications: Network architecture (core network and access network such as cellular network), wireless communication protocol and methods, cellular communication protocol and methods, voice recognition methods and systems, coding/decoding, fault isolation and restoration, network based service features, business methods, and RFID methods and devices.

Prior to joining the firm, Jimmy was an associate at Patterson & Sheridan, LLP (joining that firm in 2006) and worked as a process engineer for Intel Corporation. At Intel, Jimmy owned front end wet etch processes including Phosphoric acid etching, Sulfuric acid etching, Nitric acid etching and Buffered Oxide Etching. Jimmy also worked at Intel’s Portland Technology Development (PTD) group to help develop and research nickel cap transistor technology to prevent tunneling at the oxide layer of transistors.

Jimmy also worked for Ashland Chemical in Dublin, Ohio and PPG Industries in Cleveland, Ohio, while participating in a cooperative education program. While at PPG Industries, Jimmy worked as a process engineer to improve paint formulation and efficiency of grind mills to reduce grind times during paint production.

Jimmy is proficient in Korean.

J.D., Rutgers University, 2006
B.S., Chemical Engineering, Case Western Reserve University with specialization in Computer Engineering, 2000

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U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey
State Bar of New Jersey
State Bar of Pennsylvania
United States Patent and Trademark Office

American Bar Association
Pennsylvania State Bar Association
New Jersey State Bar Association

Korean American Lawyers Association of Greater New York (KALAGNY)
Asian Pacific American Lawyers Association of New Jersey (APALA NJ)

Jimmy serves as a mentor in the KALAGNY mentorship program.

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